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          • Domains Coastal environment, Electronics, Environmental and coastal planning and development, Fishing and Fish farming, Information and communication sciences and technology, Marine biological resources/Biotechnology, Marine energy resources, Marine science and technology, Marine technology, Maritime safety and security, Microwaves, Naval engineering, Opto electronics, Shipbuilding and leisure boatbuilding, Signal processing, Web & Digital
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          • Collaborative Working Platform Germany / France

          • Objectives
          • Start Date : 05/12/2009
            Responsible organization : Technopole Brest Iroise - TBI
            Responsible person : Nikko Von Bosse

            keywords : transport, environment, ports, surveillance and observation networks, energy

            This platform has been created to facilitate the development of cooperation in the fields of marine science and technologies between German and French organisations, starting from the two poles of excellence situated in Brest/ Toulon and Kiel/Rostock/Hamburg.

            It allows a restricted access to research and development projects, technology transfer projects and collective proposals submitted to research funding agencies.

            Antennas, Data mining and decision making tools, Global safety and security infrastructures, Information systems / GIS, Navigation tools, Observation systems, Satellite navigation system, Telecommunication systems, Terminals

            Environment, Fisheries, Pollutions, Ports, Surveillance, Transport

            Eric Vandenbroucke, Evelyne SPINA, Fabienne Vallée, Gunnar Tietze, Nicolas Thomas, Nikko Von Bosse, Thomas HELZEL, Véronique Leloup, Vincent Mariette, Yves-Henri RENHAS

            ACTIMAR, Fraunhofer Institute IPM, HELZEL, IFREMER - Marine Technology Division (Direction des Technologies Marines et Systèmes d'Information), Maritime Forum Schleswig Holstein, Shanghai Maritime University - Sino-French Joint Research Institute "Galileo and Maritime ITS for Safer Seas (GAMITS)", Technopole Brest Iroise - TBI


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