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          • European projects
          • Interreg B (Espace Atlantique)
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          • Completion dates : 2012 & 2013
          • Domains Coastal environment, Environmental and coastal planning and development, Fishing and Fish farming, Marine biological resources/Biotechnology, Marine energy resources, Marine science and technology, Marine technology, Maritime safety and security, Naval engineering, Shipbuilding and leisure boatbuilding
          • State : Closed

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          • Energy Mare

          • Exploit the renewable energy potential of the marine and coastal environment
          • Objectives
          • The Area of the Atlantic has a maritime patrimony with wide natural resources which must be protected and preserved and at the same time, it must also be used to stimulate the economic growth, the social welfare and quality of life. Considering the current situation of the environment’s change and dependence of the traditional types of energy, the renewable tidal power is a clean and native alternative which should be considered as a factor to push the economy and as a tool for territorial cohesion of the Atlantic Area.

            EnergyMare project was created to guarantee the sustainable development of the Atlantic regions enhancing renewable energy production from the ocean. Our proposal:

            - Creation of a Transnational Cooperation Network to push, promote and develop a renewable tidal power production.

            - Establish a transnational pool of experience, collection of data and supervision of the progress.

            - Exploring the potential of innovative energy sources from the sea.

            - Development of pilot projects to test experimental prototypes of energy production in the marine environment.

            - Cooperation to overcome the limitations which currently influence the implementation and progress.

          • Total budget du projet
          • € 3.1 M
          • TBI contact
          • Fabienne Vallée - Tel : +33 (0)2 98 05 44 51
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