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          • Completion dates : 2004 - 2007
          • State : Closed

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          • InterMareC

          • Interregional Maritime Cluster: the benefit of Interregional Cooperation
          • Objectives
          • InterMareC, a cooperative project within the framework of INTERREG IIIC involving the three coastal regions of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, Brittany in France and Pomerania in Poland, focused on the setting-up, development and establishment of an interregional maritime cluster.

            Basing its strategy on facilitating a working cluster and exploiting related sub-project funding incentives, InterMareC demonstrated its capacity to drive forward the maritime economies and job markets in the three regions. The development of innovative, collaborative initiatives between maritime companies, scientists and public authorities (the “Triple Helix” principle) had been identified as a means of exploiting existing market potential.

            Using this approach, InterMareC concentrated on three thematic fields:
            • Offshore and oceanographic technologies,
            • Coastal services and activities,
            • Ship- and boat-building, supply and services.

            After forty-two months, the three official partners, Technologie-Region K.E.R.N. e.V., Technopole Brest-Iroise and Agencja Rozwoju Pomorza S.A., are more than satisfied with the success of the InterMareC operation in that it has made dynamic maritime development in the regions possible.

            In this brochure (please see link below), the official partners aim to provide some background to the InterMareC operation and the results of some sub-projects, as well to draw attention to the benefits
            of interregional cooperation in the cluster-building process. Technologie-Region K.E.R.N. e.V., Technopole Brest-Iroise and Agencja Rozwoju Pomorza S.A. now look forward to informed, sustainable development of maritime activities at regional, interregional and global levels in the future.

          • Total budget du projet
          • € 3.27 M
          • TBI contact
          • Eric Vandenbroucke - Tel: +33 (0)2 98 05 44 51
          • InterMareC booklet

            InterMareC bookletpdf - 16,23 Mo

            Know more...
            InterMareC booklet

            InterMareC bookletpdf - 16,23 Mo

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