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          • FP 7 | Programme cadre pour la recherche et le développement (PCRD)
          • Completion dates : 2005 à 2007
          • State : Closed

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          • MAPO

          • SMEs and European research on Marine pollution
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            The MAPO initiative is the response to a call for proposal launched by the European Commission within the 6th Framework Programme. The project focuses on marine pollution. Its goal is to enhance the integration of SMEs, which are skilled in this specific field, into RTD European projects. 

            Indeed, the Commission had highlighted one major shortcoming in the implementation of the 6th Framework Programme, namely a weak SME participation into European projects. In addition, struggling against marine pollutions is deemed a priority in FP6 (see sub-priority "Global change and ecosystems") and in FP7 (notably through the Waterborne Technology Platform).

            The MAPO project adresses combined objectives, since it underlines the technological needs of current and future projects in the field of marine pollutions, identifies relevant SMEs in this area and creates a database enabling those SMEs to get targeted information. The MAPO partners are thus devoted to encourage SME networking and to help them build new partnerships within European RTD projects.

            The MAPO project is managed by a Consortium made of 13 partners coming from 10 Countries. The work progress is monitored and coordinated by the Technopôle Brest Iroise (TBI, France). The consortium benefits from its complementarity in terms of type of organisations involved and experience brought to the project, since it is composed of resaerchers and universities, but also national contact points, SMEs and consultancies.


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