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          • Ocean - "Brest Rimousi linked by what separates them: the Ocean"
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          • International cooperation
          • Completion dates : May 2011 - Décember 2012
          • State : Ongoing

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          • Ocean - "Brest Rimousi linked by what separates them: the Ocean"

          • Objectives
          • History of the cooperation

            During the prospective mission « Jeanne d’Arc » organised by Brest métropole océane in Québec in April 2010, the “Technopole Brest Iroise” and the “Maritime Technopole of Québec” signed a first cooperation agreement, based on three facts:

            • Brest and Rimouski are recognized internationally as poles of excellence in marine science and technology.
            • In Brest as in Rimouski, this position is the result of public development policies. Both territories are continuously investing in knowledge and innovation to foster a sustainable, maritime economy.
            • For both territories, the technopoles are tools of these policies by federating the scientific and economic actors in cooperation programs, targeted on strategic axis of maritime economy.

            On these bases, in 2011, the two technopoles and their institutional partners decided to submit a proposal to the “French-Quebec Funds for Decentralized Cooperation” (FFQCD) to strengthen and structure scientific and economic collaborations in marine science and technology.

            The project “Ocean”

            “Brest/Rimouski united by what is separating them, the Ocean”

            The project „Ocean” was officially launched during the international conference Safer Seas, organized in Brest from May 10 to 13 2011.

            It aims at reinforcing innovation capacities and competitiveness of both territories, by creating a mesh of cooperation between the two poles of excellence in marine science and technology, exploiting the similarities of their development strategies and the complementarities of their respective assets.

            The project focuses on two major issues of the “blue economy”:

            • knowledge and management of coastal and maritime areas
            • sustainable (green) maritime transportation and e-navigation

            These two axes are at the heart of work of both technopoles and of centers of excellence they have generated. It is thus on these two innovative and very promising sectors of the maritime economy that Brest and Rimouski have agreed to strengthen their cooperation and intend to combine their development policies.

            ”Ocean” is spanning over the years 2011 and 2012. It is organized in four phases, framed by collective missions:

            • April-May 2011: "Initialization phase"- Identification of potential projects and partners- Collective mission in Brest – 1st meeting of the Steering Committee.
            • May-October 2011: "Development phase" – Identification of individual and collective projects -Collective mission in Rimouski - 2nd meeting of the Steering Committee.
            • October 2011 - July 2012: "Switch to operational" – Support to the definition of- partnerships and cooperative projects - Collective mission in Brest - 3rd meeting of the Steering Committee.
            • July-December 2012: "Review and Prospects" – Preparation of effective cooperation frameworks- Collective mission in Rimouski - 4th meeting of the Steering Committee.

            Main partners

            • Public authorities: Brest métropole océane
            • Technopole Brest Iroise (TBI) and
            • Technopole maritime de Québec (TMQ)

            Associated partners

            • University of Western Brittany (UBO)/ European Maritime University Institute (IUEM)
            • ENSTA Bretagne, Telecom Bretagne
            • University of Québec in Rimouski (UQAR)
            • CIDCO
            • Saint Laurent Global Observatory (SLGO), Maritime Institute of Québec
            • IXBLUE
            • Littoralis
            • SYGIF International


            “Ocean” has visibly strengthened cooperation between the two territories in the two domains selected for the project:

            • Oceanography, observatories, management of marine and coastal zones;
            • Maritime transportation, e-navigation, maritime information technologies for maritime safety...

            About 15 new cooperation opportunities involving for most of them scientific and private partners have been initiated or identified.

            The next steps will be to transform these collaboration opportunities into real scientific and economic cooperation, to elaborate innovative products and services and to address jointly international markets.

            Moreover the project has reinforced the collaboration between the two technopoles of Brest and Rimouski, working now as a virtual (joint) technopole.

          • TBI contact
          • Eric Vandenbroucke, Project manager - Fabienne Vallée, Executive manager; Anne-Marie Cabon (BM
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