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      • Innovation and Blue Growth symposium | One of MiTiN's first international actions

      • The Maritime Innovative Territories International Network (MiTiN) is a network created in July 2012 by twenty maritime regions investigated in marine science and technology issues (Brest, Qingdao, San Diego, Kiel, Rimouski, Southampton, Porto…)
      • Organized by Qingdao (China) and Brest (France) with the support and contributions of the MITiN network, the symposium will bring together experts from the scientific, economic, private and public sectors. Through scientific advice and the analyses of technical, economic and regulatory conditions, stakes and perspectives will be highlighted for a better understanding of the ocean and a better valorization of its resources, especially biological ones.

        Two topics will be discussed in both plenary sessions and workshops: Oceanography and marine bio-resources.

        With progress in research, oceanography provides some of the answers, by revealing the complexity of the physical, chemical and biological processes that govern the marine environment. Fundamental knowledge of the ocean will open the way to sustainable exploitation of marine bio-resources for food, energy or health-related challenges.

      • Publié le 20/08/2013

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